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Are you an American or Canadian business marketer?

Are you looking for marketing insights and product information advantages over your competition?

Do you want to save money? Do you want better and more effective marketing swag by going direct to the factory?

Do you want the price and selection of going direct to the factory but want the security of dealing with a US based American sourcing business that takes care of everything?

The only real answer is, Yes!

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This is the future of the B2b marketing for the creative and independent minded American B2b marketer.

Promotional Product Direct for American business marketers
Connecting American and Canadian business marketers direct to over 150 source promotional product factories.

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“We have 14 regional sales office throughout North America ready to help you out.”

Connect with any of our regional promotional product sales experts. To visit the sales office nearest you simply click on your closest region.

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Whats trending now?


Promotional Product Direct employs a full-time trend analyst. They use a sophisticated software to detect which products are on the rise.

We track over 20 sites including Amazon, Wish and more to spot the next product trend. When we see an emerging product we determine if it can be an appropriate logo’d promotional product. We then add that product to our site and offer it to our clients.

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America's Promotional Product Free Sourcing Service

We provide a no-cost promotional product sourcing services to American business.

We provide the business marketer a free consultation and sourcing service. We specialize in unique B2b, retail and promotional product marketing needs.

Or as we like to say…“If you don’t know where to find it, we probably can find it you! 

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Promotional Product Direct knows all about effective B2b business marketing.

We are the “killer resource” for America’s factory direct business promotional products needs. We provide business marketers direct access to over 150 promotional product factories that make and logo more than 10,000 products.

We provide a complete product sourcing service that includes our free expert American customer service. We take care of everything! Sourcing, imprinting, shipping, customs and delivery to your door from the factory floor.

The staff at our 14 regional offices have over 150 years of combined experience in the promotional products field. 

America’s Promotional Product Super Source

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Who and What Is Promotional Product Direct?

PPD is a group of 14 outliers from the promotional products business.

We provide the business marketer with a factory direct product and pricing for their marketing, retail and promotional product needs.

We work directly with over 150 different promotional product factories from 12 different countries that produce over 10,000 different promotional products.

Our American company provides the business marketer with an unparalleled USA customer service experience.

We source and deliver factory direct products all at a factory direct pricing. Our service includes all sourcing, logo, shipping, customs and expert advice on your marketing and retail products. You never send money to an out of country vendor and you always deal with an American or Canadian English speaking sourcing and marketing expert. We take away the risk and hassle. We keep the factory direct choices and prices!

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Promotional Product Marketing News and Hacks

Promotional Product Direct not only stays on top of the trends but works hard to keep our clients up to date on the trends and insights into the field of B2b marketing.

On these posts you will find insights on new product ideas, marketing strategy and imprint and decoration ideas for your effective b2b marketing and promotional product needs.

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