Are paying too much for your promotional products?

are you paying too much
are you paying too much

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re paying more than you should for your promotional products then you probably are.

Most of us are creatures of habit. We frequent the same stores, we visit the same websites, we by the same promotional product each year and we use the same swag suppliers all without ever really thinking if what we are doing is in our best interest. If this describes your marketing process with the use of promotional products we suggest you need to think differently.

“You need to think differently!”

Suppliers to the promotional product industry are notoriously prone to some bad habits, which cost you more money than you should pay. How do I know this? We have been in the promo industry for 15 years. Here’s how suppliers get you to pay more than you should.

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Price Creep.

Price Creep is buying something for one price and then paying more for that product after you have committed to the order. If you pay extra for shipping, proofs, set up, color changes, art charges or any other BS, you are experiencing Price Creep.

You Pay For The Dogs.

Simply put. If you buy from a supplier that has a huge stateside warehouse with 1000’s of skus you are paying for their dogs, their buying mistakes, the promotional products no one really wants. Right now, at this very minute there are MILLIONS OF FIDGET SPINNERS sitting in your suppliers warehouse that no one wants. Do you think your supplier just absorbs this loss? No, they write it off (meaning they transfer the loss) against the products that they are selling.

Overhead Bloat.

Big warehouses, big printing facilities, big executive salaries and more all add up to Overhead Bloat. Every one of those supplier company retreats, executive bonus packages, car allowances etc YOU PAY FOR WHEN YOU BUY FROM THEM!

Wake Up Do It Differently?

Here is how PPD does it differently!

  1. We deliver every order direct from the factory in Asia to your door. This avoids the cost of warehousing and the cost of paying for products no one wants. We pass these saving onto you!
  2. We deliver you what you want! We offer 100’s of trend-savvy promotional products delivered in 10 days or less. PLUS we can find you just about anything you want a logo on. Small MOQ’s, fast delivery and low prices are what we do best.
  3. We NEVER charge for shipping, logo or set up. When we say something costs you $1.88 each net. That’s exactly what you pay. NO FREAKIN’ EXTRA’S!

Go ahead, call us at 1-888-880-2714 or via email. Who is Promotional Product Direct? Click Here.

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