America’s Promotional Product Super Source.

Promotional Product Direct is America’s Promotional Product Super Source.

Promotional Product Direct is the place for America’s business to business marketers to find their next marketing giveaways, trade show swag and promotional products.

We provide our customers FREE factory direct product sourcing, logoing and pricing!

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We provide the American and Canadian business marketer with a seamless, factory-direct delivery and pricing of unique, creative and highly desirable promotional products for their business, marketing, trade show or event!

Custom Rubiks Cube with 6 sided imprint
Custom Rubiks Cube with 6 sided imprint- View Here

We Think Differently, We Do Differently!

We think differently. We believe that today’s savvy B2b marketer wants to deal direct with the source factory that actually makes their promotional products. This makes perfect sense to us.

However, they are also wary (rightly so) about the pitfalls and problems often encountered with dealing with offshore factories, overseas banking, language concerns and the details and hidden costs of importing. We take all of these problems off your shoulders. 

pop it silicone fidget game and toy

See the Rubik’s Cube-View Here.

If you choose to buy your swag from any of our 14 regional offices or through the head office you get an all inclusive single price for your products.

This includes all duties, taxes, brokerage, logo, and free shipping. We do everything from start to finish, all at a factory direct price! Find out why we’re called America’s Promotional Product Super Source. 

Save about 40% and look way cooler!

We provide the business marketer an all inclusive factory direct to your door pricing that INCLUDES all costs such as shipping, brokerage and duties.

We cut out middlemen, warehouse overhead and the big executive salaries. This saves you on average between 30-45%.

We also have 10,000 new ideas for your logo. The pandemic has crushed the big players in the promo business. In fact 4 Imprint, the industry giant lost 35% in revenue and 93% in profit in 2020. 

Now, I don’t care much about 4 Imprint, but what these losses tell me is that they and all other big warehouse suppliers in the promo business are stuck with old and undesirable products and do not have the cash flow to bring in new product ideas.

In short, if you are buying from a supplier like this, your logo is going on outdated, boring, old and unimaginative promotional and marketing ideas. We will make sure your logo goes on new factory fresh ideas that make your brand look way cooler!

pop wallet silicone wallet and popsocket
pop wallet silicone wallet and popsocket

Why we do and think differently.

Simply put, we are less interested in making a “single mediocre sale” and more interested in helping businesses to become successful effective b2b marketers. If you’re business marketing is successful and in some way we helped bring that about, then our business be successful. Simple.

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Call -1-888-880-2714 or email.

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