Rethink Your Swag

As we head into 2021 and can start to see Covid-19 as an event in our rearview mirror we are in a position to have to rethink much of what we have always done for our business marketing.

Rethink your business

Post-covid, many things will be forever altered. We now know that employees can be very productive when they work from home. We now know that commuting is not the only way to have employees and that a business team can work well remotely. Wether we like it or not, our business world has forever changed.

Rethinking your business position in the marketplace

With all of these changes taking place due to Covid-19 you will find that your business position will have shifted, repositioned. It is hard to imagine that any business in America will not be in some way to have been altered. The consumer will now be looking at your busineeses position in the marketplace from a different perspective.

Rethink your market share

Not only will you be rethinking your businesses position in the market but you will need to rethink your market share. In a black swan event like Covid-19, pretty much everything we knew about our business and our competitons business is up for grabs.

Regardless if you are a hyper-local business or an international corporation the covid-19 event has cleared the slate. Every business (except Amazon) has lost marketshare. Over the past year all American businesses have seen their revenues decline, customers stay home and customers find online alternative.

Rethink now!

As of today, Pfizer has announced the new vaccine for Covid-19 will be 90% effective. That being said, the soonest estimated date that the vaccine will be widely available and herd immunity achieved is likely to be late spring 2021. This means that there will be at least another 6-7 months where your customers, and your competitons customers, will continue to look for other alternatives to your business and they will be rethinking their brand loyalties.

Over the next few months as we emerge from the black swan event that was Covid-19 it will be an important time for your business.

As former customers and potential new customers look to “get back to business” they will be looking to make new brand loyalty decisions. Consumers will be looking to see if your business is still in business, to see what you have to offer and to see if they should stay with you. I cannot stress how critical this next 6 months will be for your business marketing.

Rethink your swag!

As you emerge from under this Covid-19 rock ,business marketers will have a number of choices. I believe, if you read our article on inexpensive brand building, you will see there are a number of way that you can rebuild and reposition your brand.

We also believe that if you really look at what is best for your business, you will see that the most impactful and cost efficient method of busines marketing will be your use of promotional products, aka swag.

Rethink With PPD!

Promotional Product Direct is a sourcing service for American business. We can help your business emerge post covid and build brand loyalty, take over a larger market share and effectively and with an eye to cost-efficiency rethink your brand.

Rethink with Promotional Product Direct.

rethinking your marketing post covid 2021
rethinking your marketing post covid 2021