Directory of Sites of Promotional Product Direct.

The Promotional Product Direct family is made up of a number of unique sites and products. The following is an overview of our sites and our work.

Promotional Product Direct.

The Home office of Promotional Product Direct can be located here  –  PPD Home 

Our regional Promotional Product Direct partner sites.

New York  New England – Mid Atlantic –  Florida – Southern California – Northern California –Vegas–  Chicago  – Texas – Midwest– South East – Pacific NorthwestWestern Canada  – Eastern Canada – Head Office

Product Specific Sites.

We have a range of product specific web sites. Each of these sites offer a unique but specific product offering.

The World’s Best Custom 3D Flash Drives   

Promo Crunch. The world’s best custom flash drives. 

Destination Management Supply -DMC Supplier

DMC Supplier- A resource for the Destination and Travel Industry.

Fitness Promotional Product

Fitness Promotional Products. Fitness specific promotional products.

Folding Coffee Cup

The folding, reusable coffee cup.

Phone Socket Stand  

A complete web site for all kinds of phone stands.

Wholesale Pop Sockets

A complete web site for all kinds of phone stands.

The Folding Straw

A web site dedicated the folding reusable drinking straw.

Landing Pages

Best Price Popsocket    a landing page for phone stands

Cheap Bulk Swag    a landing page for trade show giveaways. 

Marketing Sites

Promo Delivers  Email marketing web site.

Social Media

Blog Spot – Blogger site

Face Book  Business site

LInked In   Linked In