2021 think differently
2021 think differently

Factory Direct- Order Your Promotional Products More Efficiently and Cost-Effectively.

Promotional Product Direct has 12 offices located in every major region of North America. These offices represent our sales and support team.

On the backside of this promotional product business we have a team of product resource people who have special direct relationship with over promotional product 150 factories that produce over 3000 different promotional product ideas. These are just a few of the compelling reasons for you to check out Promotional Product Direct!

Here’s How It Works!

We are part of a group of 12 Super Distributors who are independent-minded creative promotional product specialists. We work directly with the factory.

If you are an American or Canadian business marketer that uses promotional products you owe it to yourself to keep reading!

Why Your Business Marketing Should Go Factory Direct ?

Advantage #1. Speed.

Gone are the days of waiting months and months for a slow boat to arrive from Asia. 95% of our orders come in via air freight and are delivered in 8-10 days on average from approval to your hands.

Case Study: Phone Grips. A recent order of 10,000 (our sell price, 78 cents each!) was delivered in 6 days from start to in-hands. There was no rush fee or extra costs incurred. Just great speedy service!

Advantage #2. Lower Minimum Orders.

When we first started importing 15 years ago, minimum orders were outrageous. Today most minimum orders are 250 units and some as low as 100 units.

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Advantage #3. Massive Choice.

Going factory direct means you have access to a HUGE selection of products that most others can’t even begin to offer. If you are looking for something not easily found anywhere else, then you are speaking with the experts!

Advantage #4. Price.

When you deal direct to the factory with Promotional Product Direct you cut out 2 or 3 levels of costs that add nothing to the value of your marketing products. By going factory direct you eliminate warehouse costs, dead inventory write downs, excessive sales costs. Instead you get the best price on the most unique promotional products.

Advantage #5. Expertise.

When you deal direct to the factory through one of the Promotional Product Direct offices a couple of key things take place. Firstly, we are staffed by experts. We are not staffed by poorly trained customer service people. You will talk directly with someone who know what to do, what you need and what works best for you! 

And if the person with whom you are speaking is “stumped by your question”, they can immediately join one of our sourcing team members in a conference call. 

It’s 2021 and the world has changed in many dramatic ways. As you reboot your business, isn’t it time you Think Differently?


Call 1-888-880-2174 or email [email protected]

cheap promotional products, b2b swag and ad specialty swag.
cheap promotional products, b2b swag and ad specialty swag.

cheap promotional products, b2b swag and ad specialty swag.cheap promotional products, b2b swag and ad specialty swag.