How does Promotional Product Direct work for your business?

We are an American company with over 20 years of direct, hands-on experience in the sourcing over 10,000 promotional products for your marketing and trade show needs. We have direct to the source factory relationships with over 150 factories in over 10 countries.

Your Super Source for Promotional Products

Are you an American or Canadian business marketer looking for key advantages over your competition?

Let one of our 12 Promotional Product Direct regional sales groups get you marketing for less stress, less money and with better results!

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Want to connect with a professional? There’s a PPD regional sales group near you!

In each of the regions listed below you will find a group our of promotional product sales experts who can easily and professionally guide you through the PPD’s innovative sales process. To visit the sales office nearest you simply click on your closest region.

New York – New England – Mid Atlantic – South Atlantic Florida – Southern California – Northern California – Chicago – Rocky Mountain – Texas – Upper Midwest- South East – Pacific Northwest- Western Canada  – Eastern Canada.

How does Promotional Product Direct work for your business?

PPD is absolutely unique in the business marketing world. It is the leading edge future of your promotional product marketing needs.

Here’s How it Works!

  1. Everything we source, logo and deliver with your brand identity on it is direct from the source factory. There are no middlemen, there is no giant warehouse with their associated costs and overhead and importantly, there are no shareholders to worry about! There is only you and us. By going factory direct you will save 20, 40 and up to 50% off of what you pay elsewhere.
  2. We provide the security of dealing with a US Supplier and at the same time providing you the savings and selection only found by going factory direct. We have a direct business relationship with over 150 factories, in 10 different countries that produce over 10,000 unique promotional products. In fact to get a small taste of just some of our factories go to this page (click). 
  3. We take care of everything. Importation, payment, brokerage, shipping everything.
  4. Our Catalog is broken down into 10 Categories plus a New Ideas category. Theses categories are designed to show you just some of our over 10,000 marketing products.

Product Categories

Quirky and Unique: This is one of our most popular categories. It is where you will find some of our most eye-catching and creative promotional product ideas. These include, custom games, toys, custom sandals, fidget gadgets, RFID wallets, Rubiks Cubes and other promotional product ideas you will not find anywhere else! See more. 

Eco-Friendly: Expect this category to increase in popularity as we move toward a new Green Economic model. This category is where you will find sustainable, renewable and reusable promotional products across a wide range of ideas. See more.

Drinkware: Get your business logo or marketing message on some of today’s newest hydration technology. Water bottles, shaker cups, blender bottles, thermal bottles, folding coffee cups and silicone water bottles are just a few of our drinkware options. See more. 

Mobile Phone Accessories: The smart phone is the hottest way to promote your brand. Here you will find phone accessories, phone stands and other smart phone swag. All with your logo on it. See more. 

Tech Gadgets: Get your business logo or marketing message on some of today’s newest tech gadgets. Blue tooth speakers, USB drives, contactless phone chargers and other cool tech gadgets. See more. 

Hats: Hats, hats hats, everyone love hats. Custom designed headwear is perfect for business, teams, schools and marketing giveaways. Get your logo on a many different styles including Snapback, 5 panel, 6 panel, Trucker Hats and more. See more.

Bags and Backpacks: Get your business logo or marketing message on over 300 custom designed bags or backpacks. Custom shopping bags, eco-friendly reusable shopping bags, gym bags, sports bags and any custom bag or backpack design you want. See more.

Wearables: This is a category designed to let the business marketer better understand the custom clothing options. We have an enormous expertise in this field. Please note: If you are looking for inexpensive polo’s and tees please speak with any one of regional salespeople for their domestic clothing solutions. See more.

Keychains, Lapel Pins, Belt Buckles: Promote your business marketing message with a custom lapel pinbelt buckle or customized key chain. With over 10,000 possible design options we have only shown a handful of popular styles in these product pages. See more. 

Health and Wellness: The Health and Wellness category is growing at a fantastic pace. Get your logo on health and wellness promotional products such as workout kits, Yoga inspired products and other health and wellness promo’s. See more. 

What you need to do next?

  1. Contact your closest Promotional Product sale group. (view directory) Let them know what you are looking for and interested in. Roll up your sleeves and get connected with real business marketing professions not just order takers.
  2. Get CREATIVE. PPD not only provides factory direct swag at great prices and with amazing selection but we can source or manufacture anything you want with your logo on it.!

To visit the sales office nearest you simply click on your closest region.

New York – New England – Mid Atlantic – South Atlantic Florida – Southern California – Northern California – Chicago – Rocky Mountain – Texas – Upper Midwest- South East – Pacific Northwest-  Western Canada  – Eastern Canada.