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Launches March 1, 2021.

2021. The Changes in the business marketing world are everywhere!

To say that 2021 was a disastrous year would be the understatement of understatements. It seems that every facet of American business has been affected.

The past year started out on a high note with it looking like 2020 was going to top the economic status of 2019. Then in the early spring Covid-19 hit.

Between the social distancing, the lockdowns and our collective turn towards online purchases and away from the brick and mortar business model, the world is now a whole new place in which to do business.

What does 2021 look like for business marketers?

2021 is a critical year for business marketers to both build and rebuild their brand. Unless you are Amazon or Apple, your brand has taken a shit-kicking. Your customers have drifted away, your competition has changed course, your brand identity is likely a little shopworn if not in tatters.

As of the writing of this article, January 12th, 2021, it looks a little bleak. Covid-19 is still raging, America’s political discord still rages and there is very little to raise our hopes. Except there is a vaccine. The vaccine, once implemented, will make it possible to return to a version of normal we are more familiar with.

Mid-2021 and onwards. Better ramp up your marketing!

Come April 2021 or thereabouts, we should start to see enough penetration of the vaccine to allow us to get back to normal. By June 2021, we should be well on the way.

However, when that times comes, it will have been over a year since business marketers really hit it hard!  What’s the business marketer to do?

Business marketers need to market hard to survive and thrive!

There is a lot at stake for business marketers in 2021. There are also tremendous opportunities for the savvy business marketer to take advantage of.

The savvy marketer has a lot of market share they can take away from their competition. The savvy marketer has the need to reclaim their client base. The savvy marketer has an absolute need to market their brand, product and services. It is truly, time to work hard or perish.

The most effective and affordable marketing tools for the savvy B2b marketer is promotional products.

The future of promotional products will look a whole lot different than it does now.

In the past there were 2 schools of thought. There is the local distributor who buys from a warehouse, supplied by an importer who buys the swag from the factory. It’s easy to see how this can get very expensive and cumbersome.

Then there is the big online sellers like 4-Imprint. This method is the McDonalds of Promo. If you want a crappy pen with your logo, go to 4-Imprint.


You will need to do 2 things differently in 2021!

First thing is to be different! Giving a client a crappy pen or a cheap coffee mug can only make you look cheap and crappy. You need to look and think differently. In short you will need to put your logo on new ideas. Eye catching promos!

Secondly. Stop paying too much! If you’re still buying your swag from the local person who buys from the warehouse, who deals with the importer who buys from the factory, you are paying too much.

“Giving a client a crappy pen or a cheap coffee mug can only make you look cheap and crappy”

Enter Promotional Product Direct.

Promotional Product Direct is a unique proposition for the savvy business marketer.

Firstly, we offer you the ability to source your swag from over 150 factories that offer more than 3000 unique promotional products. Read more.

Secondly, we offer you Factory Direct Prices. Read more 

As we get past the first quarter of 2021 and into the second half of 2021 aren’t you going to want to get back to it?

Now, doesn’t this sound like something you should be considering as you ramp up your 2021 business marketing?

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