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If you are a business owner or marketing director for an American business, you have come to the right place.

In the soon-to-be-post-pandemic world, the American business marketer is going to re-emerge from the shadow of Covid-19 to find that their marketing and marketplace has changed dramatically.

They will find that their position in the marketplace is no longer the same as it was almost a year ago. They will also find that that their competitors are also not occupying the same space in the marketplace as they did pre-pandemic.

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What this means to you!

What does this mean to the American business marketer?

This means 2 things. The first, is that you need to re-establish your position and place in your market. The second, is that you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to take market share away from your competition. Rethink your marketing.

What you need to do?

If you want to re-establish your business, take away business from your competition, or both, you need to start marketing. Read about brand building.

If you are like most American small and mid-sized businesses, your best, most effective and most cost efficient way to promote your business is not social media, it is not radio or newspapers, Google or Facebook ads, it is promotional products (aka swag).

The time to act is now-ish!

In the Spring of 2021, with the light in the tunnel now firmly shining more brightly each day, you will need to act soon. But before you act, you should Rethink carefully about your marketing budget.

Are you getting the best deal? Are you paying too much?  Are you getting the most effective promotional product for your specific need?

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are you paying too much for your promotional products
are you paying too much read more….

Here’s our 60 second pitch!

We believe that the promotional product industry has become unimaginative and expensive. To change that for the American and Canadian business marketer we created Promotional Product Direct.

We provide our business marketing customers with unique advantages. They are.

  • We provide the b2b marketer with factory direct pricing, sourcing and delivery on over 10,000 products delivered direct from over 150 factories.
  • We take care of all aspects of the sale, service and delivery and provide you an all inclusive single price. Including free shipping, brokerage, customs paperwork and all associated costs.
  • We provide FREE product research and sourcing, American customer service and expertise. We have 14 expertly staffed regional offices, available to speak with you when you want to!

“We have 14 regional sales office throughout North America ready to help you out.”

Connect with our expert promotional product sales experts. To visit the sales office nearest you simply click on your closest region.

New York  New England – Mid Atlantic –  Florida – Southern California – Northern California –Vegas–  Chicago  – Texas – Midwest– South East – Pacific Northwest– Western Canada  – Eastern Canada – Head Office

We work directly with American and Canadian business marketers to source, logo and deliver the coolest in trendsetting promotional swag. All at factory direct pricing, hot and fresh! Direct from our factory floor to your door.

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think differently about your marketing in 2021
think differently about your marketing in 2021