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Will 2020 finally be the year?

The environmental movement has been circling the promotional products business for some time now. But its impact on percentage of sales has been small, typically 5% of all sales. Will that change in 2020?

We believe that the eco-stars are finally going to be aligned in 2020 and we will see a large increase in the sales of eco-friendly swag. In fact we are betting on it.

March 2020 we will be launching a new eco line!

Up and until this moment in time our industry has been slow to both adopt the eco mantle and more than that, been slow to promote it. Why is this?

The reasons are varied but in truth come down to 2 things.

External pressure. It’s hard not to see the pressure that Greta Thurnberg has put on the world at large. Her worldwide crusade, although dismissed by some less-than-forward world leaders has at the least sparked a major conversation in regards to the environment. This external pressure has brought this to the forefront.

Price was too high. It’s not that the prices have come down so much as our expectations of what we are willing to pay for eco goods has risen. In short we agree there is an acceptable price premium.

Expect your clients and employees to demand eco promotional products!

So, what do we expect will be trending in 2020 that has an eco angle?

#1- Reusable water bottles and cups.

Easy to understand, the collection of reusable water bottles and cups are made using a plant based food grade silicone and can be reused 10’s of thousands of times. View the category here.

folding collapsible packable water bottle promotional product direct
folding collapsible packable water bottle promotional product direct
folding collapsible stojo coffee cup
folding collapsible stojo coffee cup

Check in next week as we unveil the next new eco idea. The bamboo phone socket grip!

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