What is wheat straw?

Wheat straw is a natural for of plastic. It can help save the planet.

Wheat straw is made from what is leftover once the wheat is harvested. It is an ideal zero-waste eco-friendly alternative.

The wheat straw is a natural plastic is created by reducing down the cellulose that the wheat straw contains.

This process creates a wholly natural, compostable different kind of polymers. Polymers are large bonds formed by loose monomers that are strong and are used as building blocks to create a substance.

These natural polymers is similar to those found in our bodies, like our nails and hair.

How is wheat straw made?

Once the wheat has been harvested, the by-product of the straw is a waste product called lignin.

Lignin is part of the plant that makes sure that it can keep standing. It’s like the thick trunk of a tree but made for a smaller plant. In combination with sugar, lignin can be turned into a bioplastic.

Another way to create products using the wheat straw is by making it into a paper-like substance. The straw is turned into a pulp with the help of certain chemicals. The pulp is then pressed into a form like a plate.

Wheat straw is strong and non-allergenic. It can be formed into all sorts of products such as wheat straw sunglasses, plates, cups and products normally made from petroleum-based plastics. This method is not limited to wheat straw; it is also possible to do this with other agricultural waste products like leaves, grass and even wood.

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The greatness of wheat straw!

All-natural plastics come with a plethora of perks for ourselves, but also the environment.

First of all, this plastic is entirely biodegradable. In your home compost, it takes 3 to 6 months to fully compost.

Wheat Straw is renewable and sustainable. Wheat straw can be decomposed and used as fertilizer. It can also be melted back into pulp to create different products again and again.

It requires less energy to produce wheat straw plastic. The production of regular plastic uses a lot of energy and releases a lot of CO2 gases. Wheat straws require less energy because they are natural and do not need as much processing to become pulp.

Lastly, it’s a profitable source for agricultural farmers since they can sell their waste products for a reasonable price. It also cuts down on the need for disposal, which is traditionally accomplished through burning the waste, contributing to air pollution.

The last words on wheat straw

  • It is entirely biodegradable. It will take 3 to 6 months to turn to compost in your home compost and only 1 to 2 months in a local municipal compost facility.
  • It is renewable and sustainable. As these products are completely natural, they can decompose and be used as fertilizer.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Gluten free.
  • Easy to clean, sturdy and strong.
  • Microwave and freezer safe.
  • Without odor and will not go moldy.
  • They can also be turned back into pulp by melting them and creating different products again and again.
  • Less energy is required to produce the wheat straw plastic-like substance. A lot of energy is used to produce artificial plastic and the emission of carbon dioxide gasses are very high. Because wheat straw is natural, it requires much less energy to produce pulp.
  • The natural fibers make the material sturdy enough without requiring the addition of toxins like oil.
  • Additional source of income for the wheat farmers as they can sell the byproducts for a reasonable price.
  • Waste disposal is reduced and no need to burn the straw which further adds to air pollution.
  • It can handle hot liquids up to 100°Celsius / 220°Farenheit
  • Conform to US food and Drug Administration guidelines.

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