Insider Information on “What is marketing with promotional products and how to use them effectively!”

what is effective marketing using promotional products
what is effective marketing using promotional products

Best to always start at the beginning!

What are promotional products aka swag?

In it’s simplest definition promotional products are any physical item that has your business or event logo on it that you either give away for free or as part of an incentive to your customers, potential customers and employees.

The purpose in marketing with promotional products is to raise awareness of YOUR brand in the minds of the people in the above paragraph. It’s longer term purpose is to reinforce YOUR brand in customers minds so that when they have that “aha moment” where they need your product or service they contact YOU! If used properly promotional products aka swag are the most effective way to advertise!

Why does Swag sometimes get a bad rap?

The short answer and the most correct answer is that the businesses that do not have a positive experience marketing with promotional products are not using them properly.

There are a few key points that cross all promotional product marketing axioms. If you follow these 4 points you will be headed to a successful promotional product campaign.

  1. Don’t spend too much per unit. If your business has a booth at a trade show and you are giving away logo’d toasters then you will be hugely popular but you may also be broke before you can realize the benefits of this branding initiative.

2. Don’t spend too little per unit. If your business is high end jewelry like Tiffany’s, giving your clients and potential clients a crappy ballpoint pen as a thank you or as a trade show incentive will make you look cheap and will not positively improve your brand identity.

3. Don’t listen to most promotional product salespeople. Unfortunately the bar is very low to entering into the promotional products business. This means that most promotional distributors are poorly trained, have very little product knowledge and no practical experience on the business end of how to effectively use these products. They are generally (but not always) in it for the commission sale. My best advice, ask lots of questions of your salesperson. If the answers they provide sound “hinky” they probably are.

4. As yourself this question! Does the person writing this post sound like someone you should know, want to speak with and is likely to help you find the correct and most effective promotional product for YOUR needs? If your answer is yes call us 1-888-908-6932.

In closing.

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