Promotional Product Marketing in the Summer of 2021

In the summer of 2021 the American business marketer is looking to reboot and rebuild their businesses.

No doubt that Covid-19 has changed everyone’s business. All American businesses are no faced with the challenges associated with rebooting and rebuilding their position in their marketplace.

Given that most businesses haven’t had the time, energy or an exact understanding when they can reopen there is a lot of confusion as to what to market with and how to market.

How to market with promotional products in the summer of 2021!

First of all, and it may seem obvious, show your marketing to be on season. Just because that Orange fleece vest may be on deep discount it is July and no one wants it.

Secondly, be on brand. If you are promoting your new eco initiatives it is a bad idea to put everything in double wrapped plastic bags.

Both of the above should be obvious!

The Summer Promo Winners for 2021!

There are 3 ideas that we love for the summer of 2021. They are.

Bamboo sunglasses: This collection of bamboo sunglasses is amazing. The feature eco friendly bamboo used either as the arms of the sunglasses or as both the arms and the rims. see category 


Wheat Straw Sunglasses: This collection of sunglasses is made entirely from wheat straw. Wheat straw utilizes the waste of straw to make a hardened fiber perfect for making sunglasses from . See category. 

green wheat straw promotional sunglasses
green wheat straw promotional sunglasses

Flip Flops with Message on the sole: We LOVE this idea. put your brand or marketing message on the bottom of the flip flops and as people walk through the sand and water they leave a unique and creative marketing message. See category. 

Get your logo on customized beach sandals and flip flops

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