Why marketing with promotional products is right for your business!


Why you should use promotional products to market your business!

The cynical side of you, the reader, is probably saying “of course the writer of this post is saying that they want to sell us something!” and you would be right!

However, we have learned after 20-something years of doing this business that selling someone, something they don’t want, need, or is not correct for their purposes is always a bad idea. So, with that on the table, accept the fact that what I am about to say is the truth.

Promotional products are right for your business.

Reason #1. Promotional products give you marketing control. Unlike mass media such as radio, newspapers or snail mail that puts your message in front of everybody (95% of them who could care less) promotional products are often given directly to the target. You are in control.

Reason #2. You control the budget. Digital marketing like Google ads, Facebook ads etc charge you every time someone clicks on the ad. The price per click runs up to $8 bucks or so on average. Ouch!

With promotional products if you have invested say $3 on each unit, it is very easy for you to only spend that $3 on a very targeted prospect. With promotional products your marketing investment is laser targeted.

Reason #3. Big, famous, well-known, super-successful brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Pepsi etc etc all use promotional products as key drivers in their marketing campaigns. Are these company’s stupid or smart like a fox?

In closing.

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