Todays Trade Show Swag

In the summer of 2021 it’s nearly impossible to believe after the last 2 years there will once again be trade shows. But, that is exactly what is going to happen.

Starting in the fall of 2021 trade shows across all industries trade shows are slowly reappearing out of the shadows of Covid.

What will trade shows look like post pandemic?

In the fall of 2021 and going into the winter of 2022 the trade show will look a whole lot differently than what we had seen pre-pandemic.

Trade shows will be busy. According to the trade show industry there will be a huge uptick in trade show attendance and suppliers displaying.

This is due to 2 main factors. The first being the desire of attendees to get back out and reconnect with their fellow industry people and secondly, the need to reestablish your business in this post-pandemic world.

Trade shows will look different. Regardless of the state of vaccination in the general public, there will still be covid-compliance guidelines in place. At least for the first 2 or 3 years after the pandemic expect hand sanitizer and the wearing of masks by many to be commonplace.

Trade show marketing will be different. During the pandemic one of the most interesting changes in the business landscape is the fact that many business changed or updated their logo during these times.

“This means that there will be an enormous need for those businesses promotional products to be revamped and re-imprinted.”

What trade show giveaway swag will be the most effective?

We spend a lot of time working the analytics. We do this by tracking sales trends of Wish and Amazon, as well as working the analytics on Facebook and other social media channels.

In our research there seems to be 2 main categories of products that are definitely trending.

The Geek shall inherit the earth. Post-covid the category we like to call Quirky and Unique best represents what’s hot in this category. Minimalist wallets, Full Logo Rubik’s Cube and the emerging trend of POP IT! silicone bubble pop dominated the trends.

rubiks cube magic cube with your logo
rubiks cube magic cube with your logo

The earth as our friend is a big trend. Prior to the pandemic we were collectively well on our way to a greener approach to business and marketing. The pandemic derailed this to a degree but now with the virus getting closer to our rearview mirror, Eco-Friendly promotional products are back in a big way. Reusable shopping bags, Reusable folding drinking straws and reusable water bottles are the key drivers.

bamboo pen and pencil set
bamboo pen and pencil set


When will we know that trade shows and other events are back on?

At the current rate of vaccination of nearly 4 million Americans and Canadian a day, herd immunity will likely be achieved by the end of summer.  This, of course, depends on those that are vaccine hesitant to overcome their fears and get vaccinated sooner rather than later.

This means that trade shows scheduled for late 2021 and certainly early 2022 are most likely to be the first out of the gates.

How can Promotional Product Direct be of help?

What do we do?

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