Custom Promotional Products

We are “the experts” at custom promotional products for b2b marketing and trade show giveaways.

In these days of “instant everything” even the world of promotional products has become boring and predictable, except here at Promotional Product Direct.

Most times, when you need something to put your logo on there are several “off the shelf” options that will work. In fact, PPD offers the top 100 coolest promotional ideas for just this purpose.

However, sometimes you just want to get crazy and creative! That is where PPD shines!

If you want to get really creative and are willing to roll up your sleeves and create something unique, unusual and totally on brand for your marketing purposes. This where you start!

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Go 100% custom!

Tell us about an existing product you saw in a store, online or in the media that you want your logo on. We will either find it or find something very similar.

Most retail brands or products for sale are absolutely clueless when it comes to putting your logo on the product. This where our expertise comes into play!

We work in over a dozen countries and with over 50 factories that produce promotional and retail product that your logo can be put on. Many of the factories we deal with for your promotional products actually manufacture the same products for retail.

The factories that produce retail brands like Popsockets, Stojo coffee cups and The Final Straw will also produce “off-brand” versions perfect for your logo!

How to get started on going custom!

As long as the number of units you are looking for meets the minimum order requirements of the factory (MOQ) we can either source or replicate the exact product you are looking for.

Minimum orders are often as low as 100 units and delivery time can be as swift as 2 weeks.

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The advantages to your brand on going custom.

There are some tremendous advantages for your brand identity on getting your logo on a custom product.

Firstly, the purpose of promotional products is to get your logo seen on a product that both catches your eye and is used and seen often.

“fully custom promotional products are perhaps one of the best promotional product marketing initiatives”

As a marketer, if you always keep the above adage in mind when deciding which product is best for your brand then you can get both incredibly creative and fabulously effective with your promotional product marketing.

Go Direct, Save Big!

Here’s an example of thinking differently! We recently worked with the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority to help with their “2019 back-to-school” program.

The transit authority had a new bus style that was being introduced into the metro system. They really wanted this new bus to be part of their marketing idea. They also wanted a “giveaway” that their target students (aged 5-10) would actually use.

At the same meeting, one of their team members spoke up to say they had seen an “old-school” pencil bag on a Pinterest board that she really loved. I asked them to send us a picture of the pencil bag and a few images of their latest bus.

With these 2 ideas in mind, we got together with a couple of our factories and including our in house designer had a Zoom meeting to “toss around some ideas”.

Out of the meeting we came up with some drawings and graphics which we presented to the client. A custom shaped 6 sided pencil bag, shaped like their new bus! Brilliant!

We then went to 3 different overseas factories that can produce a custom shaped pencil bag and got 3 all inclusive quotes. We then determined which factory we felt was the best and most reliable one to meet both the quality required and could meet the date needed.

The client loved the idea and loved the price, took it to committee and then came back to us with the go ahead.

3 weeks later, their custom designed pencil bags arrived. everyone was ecstatic!

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