Hand Sanitizer and Masks

promotional product hand sanitizer

We now have 75% alcohol based hand sanitizer in stock in the USA!

In the age of Covid-19 businesses, now more than ever, need to insure that their clientele and staff are avoiding transmission of the virus.

The simplest and most effective way to prevent the spread of the virus when we return to work is to wash our hands and to use a 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. in combination with a mask.

High alcohol hand sanitizer- a must!

hand sanitizer in stock
hand sanitizer in stock

PPD leads the way in America’s fight against the Corona Virus.

Promotional Product Direct is leading the way by providing to America’s top 500 business the best in PPE (personal protective equipment).

As strongly recommended by the CDC both masks and hand sanitizer along with social distancing measures “are the best ways for America to stay safe!”

Yes we all hate this isolation but we need to do our part!

It not only make good social etiquette to provide your customers and employees with masks and hand sanitizer it also makes good legal sense.

We found this video from a supplier of ours who put the details of the problem in a clear and concise manner. Worth the watch.

What are your options and what do you need? Firstly you need hand sanitizer.

High alcohol hand sanitizer is a must. It kills 99.9% of all germs upon contact. Available in 2 ounce bottles and larger. Getting hand sanitizer for your co workers and clients is essential. See product.

Your second most important product to be Covid Compliant? A Mask!

What is the purpose of a mask and which are the best for your needs? These are the questions you need to consider. Let’s start with the best then move onto the rest.

The Best Mask-KN95

Short of a hazmat respirator the best available and affordable mask is the KN95. The N95 rating means that 95% of all particulates including viruses cannot penetrate the mask or be expelled through the mask. When wearing a KN95 you are getting premium protection. The 2 downsides with KN95 are that it is expensive (well under $4 still) and is a little “stuffy”. The stuffieness is the mask doing it’s job. To view the product, click here.

kn95 mask
kn95 mask

The Next Best Mask- 3 Ply Medical Grade.

If you are looking for an FDA approved quality all-around use mask that is both effective and budget conscious the 3Ply mask is the one to consider.

The 3ply mask is effective in preventing the spread of virus and germs. It is our best seller as the price point provides protection without tearing a hole in your bank account. See the product here.

3 ply virus protection mask
3 ply virus protection mask

High alcohol hand sanitizer in larger sizes!

Each week we are importing a tremendous amount of hand sanitizer and masks and with each shipment we try and bring in a limited supply of larger sized hand sanitizer in bottles ranging from 8.5 ounce with a pump all the way to 5 liter (gallon) sizes. These imports go fast and are usually limited to a few thousand pieces. Currently we have a few thousand of the 8.5 ounce pump style in stock. See the product here.

8 ounce alcohol hand sanitizer gel formula
8 ounce alcohol hand sanitizer gel formula