Folding Drinking Straws

telescopic reusable drinking straw cleaner

We offer more than 4 different styles of folding, collapsible reusable eco-friendly drinking straws!

The folding reusable drinking straws are so popular we even created its own web site.

Popularized in an online fundraiser in 2019, the folding straw has since morphed into several different and unique versions.

stainless steel telescoping collapsible reusable drinking straw
stainless steel telescoping collapsible reusable drinking straw

Get Your Logo On Them Or Get Them Blank!

Most of our orders are with a business or event logo on them, however the recent trend is for small to mid sized retailers to get the folding drinking straw without a log and in custom retail packaging.

The Turtle video that broke our hearts!

Caution: May contain some disturbing images.
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